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About Us… Hundred Hands Alliance is a charitable organization dedicated to advancing health and well-being throughout the community.  Our organization is established to aide individuals, families, friends, and the community.  We are committed to reaching out above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of others.  While Doctors manage the health of their patients, the Alliance pledges to integrate assistance programs and services designed to address a multitude of factors that affect mind, body, and soul; therefore health.

Exercising the brain is just as significant as physical activity.  As our bodies change with age, so does the brain.  It is important to strive to increase mental capacity and memory, postponing cognitive decline.  Engaging in stimulating activities enhances the range of mental motion, thus decreasing memory loss and increasing mental agility.  The Alliance provides different methods to stimulate the mind.  To name a few: Seminars, E-Learning, and Art Lessons, are some of the ways we reach out to the community.  Our online Community also supplies a means to allow people to learn and grow together.  We provide our HHA Community Members with health-smart information, educational materials, tutorials, polls, and challenging quizzes that support continued learning.  HHA advocates the enrichment and wholesome preservation of the mind.
The appropriate balance of proper nutrition, exercise, and rest are necessary components for maintaining well-being and essential to enhance the quality of life.  Physical activity and exercise advance health, agility, and diminish the possibility of becoming sedentary, acquiring many chronic diseases and even premature death.  Staying active proves to have both immediate and long-term benefits.  Adequate rest is required for proper development, healing, and revitalization. HHA advocates the value of health.  The Alliance supports a wholesome diet by providing nutritious fruits and vegetables grown in the Community Garden to those in need.  HHA encourages people to stay active and participate in healthy activities such as joining in with the care of the Community Garden or perhaps just resting while enjoying the view of the garden and the beautiful surrounding land.  HHA provides Yoga sessions and Massage Therapy to promote mobility and relaxation. Online, there are articles for self-improvement and beneficial lifestyle changes.  There are heart-smart recipes to view, and Members can upload and share their personal recipes with others.  Members are able to create goals with the ability to generate an organized process toward success. They can review each stage of a goal as they progress to victory!  Community Members also have the choice to share their goals with other Members that can, in turn, join their objective and offer encouragement along the way.
Care of our bodies does not stop at physical and mental exercise.  It is equally important to implement behaviors that nourish the spirit and enhance the passion for an abundant life.  You can change the way that you feel.  Realize that you have the ability to re-imagine your daily routine!  HHA supports individual growth.  In the community, the Organization offers an array of events such as Group Relaxation Therapy, Counseling Services, Aromatherapy with essential oils, Acupuncture, Massage, and Yoga. HHA Team Members are available for support when you need it most. Online, HHA brings to light a wealth of information integrating useful approaches to enhance vitality.  The Community site further encourages involvement with HHA Groups and Events which promote personal growth and well-being. Community Members can join the Groups and Events listed on the site and can attend sessions, seminars, and other outreach activities whether it be in person or online via video-conferencing.  HHA keeps Community Members up-to-date with all that the Organization offers.
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We are dedicated individuals that put forth a collaborated effort to making a difference in the lives of others. We meet regularly and give our all to resolve issues community members are facing no matter how big or how small. We volunteer… because we care!